Seasonal Reminders

Winter 2023/2024

Each year Winter brings challenging weather & road issues.  Please note the following reminders and be prepared to navigate difficult Winter road conditions.

  1. Use 4WD/AWD at all times. Note County signs at the beginning of Green Lakes road at the bottom of the hill where the asphalt and gravel road meet.

  2. Use tire chains or snow tires rated for ice during all snow periods as needed.

  3. REFRAIN from pulling any type of trailer during the wet months (November-April). This includes trailers intended for construction or recreation.

  4. We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE any new or continued construction/building during the wet months (Nov-April) as stated in our CH Homeowner’s Construction requirements! All types of construction vehicles such as work trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, concrete trucks, sub-contractor vehicles, etc. have proven to cause excessive damage to the roads and the necessary repairs have resulted in a deficit budget for your HOA.

  5. NO parking on the main road or community roads of any kind (CH Home Owner’s Construction requirements) OR blocking driveways. This can result in road blockages to other members, emergency vehicles or the snow plow! 

  6. Many full-time residents use a 2-car system during snow. One vehicle is parked on Greens Lake Drive asphalt at the bottom of the hill.  A second vehicle is equipped with chains & shuttled back & forth to their residence.

  7. Pole markers are strongly suggested at driveways(red) and culverts(blue) to prevent snowplow damage. The HOA is in no way responsible for damage to property, culverts or vehicles for any reason.

  8. It is our Member’s responsibility to fully inform all visitors (friends, family, business, contractors) of these reminders to ensure they are prepared to navigate the difficult winter road conditions properly.

  9. Do not call or expect the HOA Board to provide emergency roadside assistance.  For any road assistance call the Sheriff’s non-emergency # 435-867-7500.
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