Next Board Meeting

Next Meeting:

December 21, 2023 at 6:00 PM



1. Welcome/Quorum established – Welcome new board members
    and attendees; Approve August and October 2023 meeting minutes

2.  Discuss and appoint board member positions, and board
     committee member positions
     A.  Vote to accept.

3. Communications 
     A.  With members
          1. Secretary Formally Announce Water Tank/Fire Hydrant
             Proxy Results.
     B.  With Iron County
     C.  With attorney

4. Committee Reports and Old Business
     A.  Financial – presented by Jeff
          1.  Review financial balance sheet
          2. Review bills
               i.   Miniex rental Silvas $165
               ii.  Mowing meadow Manny $80
               iii. Expenses from debit card for sign and misc.
          3. Authorize to pay bills
          4. Annual Budget 
     B.  ARC – presented by Tom and Mike
          1.  Approve new applications
          2. Close completed projects
Review ARC file and have discussion and decisions
              on recommendations for new board members.
     C.  Roads – presented by Jeff and Mike
Discuss RFQ and list of possible venders
          2. Make Preparations for winter.
     D.  Fire & Safety – presented by Tom
           1. Policy and Procedure regarding open burning and fire pits
          2. Update from fire committee
     E.  Website – presented by Kevin
     F.  Water – presented by Lori
          1. Conversations with CICWCD
     G.  Community Sign Project – presented by Lori
Update from committee members on construction and
             location of signs

5. President’s Report

6. New Business
     A.  Vote to approve or amend budget
     B. New Policy and Procedures
          1. Admin Assistant
         2. Voting Policy and Procedures
         3. Discuss and review 1yr moratorium on enforcing CCR
             Article 8, Provision 10,11,14
         4. Discuss revisions to CHHOA ARC policy
         5. Review and discuss RFQ for Snow Plow and Road
             Maintenance Bids

7. Members Questions – Open Discussion 

8. Date and Time for Next Meeting – January 16, 2024 

9. Adjourn – Executive Session if needed  


In Person Meeting Info

The in-person meeting will be held at the
Cedar City Library, 303 N 100 E, Cedar City, UT 84721

Virtual Meeting Info

Meetings are conducted virtually during the Covid pandemic.  Click the link below to join the meeting using GoToMeeting.

Phone number: TBD

Access Code: TBD

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