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Upcoming HOA Board Meetings 

We are scheduled to hold our monthly meetings in the
East Room of the Cedar City Public Library from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
on the following dates:

                  • Thursday, February 10th (2022) 
                  • Thursday, March 10th (2022) 
                  • Thursday, January 13th (2022) 
                  • Thursday, May 12th (2022) 

Iron County Community Water Meeting – 12/7/2021

For those who were unable to attend the Iron County Community Water Meeting on December 7, here is a link to the recording of the event.

2022 HOA Dues Update

During the November 9 HOA board meeting, the board voted to increase the 2022 dues to $650.  The 2022 dues invoice will be sent out via email to all members the first week of January. Full payment is due within 30 days.

The 2021 dues were $600. If all members pay their dues, that amounted to $99,000. As we discussed on several occasions, including at the annual meeting, this barely covers snow removal, a few gradings on the road and hard expenses. Inflation and fuel surcharges will affect the cost to do snow removal, repairs, and maintenance.

This is the first increase in 2 years.  The board has cut expenses wherever possible. We eliminated approximately $4000 annually in CPA charges by using Quickbooks, with some outside bookkeeping assistance.  Printing and postage have been kept to a minimum by using email to communicate information and electronic dues invoices.

We urge all members to participate in the board meetings either in person or virtually. You may also stay informed by listening to the meetings or reading the minutes, which are on the HOA website under the Board Meetings menu.

Please contact the board with any questions: board@cedarhighlandshoa.org

Thank you!

Cedar Highlands HOA Board of Directors

What Are Those Silver Trash Cans Along The Main Road For?

Homeowners, you may have noticed silver trash cans in various places on the main road. These trash cans are labeled with CH and contain a sand/gravel mixture.  This can be used by residents to help prevent sliding or slipping.

Update on BLM Burn Piles

The board reached out to the DNR recently to follow up on questions that arose during the annual meeting regarding placing limbs on BLM burn piles.  The following is the response Tom Wootton received from John Schmidt of the DNR.

“Tom, The short answer from me is NO. There is no way to control that activity and what is a few limbs is very subjective. With that said you could approach the BLM directly but, as an adjacent landowner they may be offended that their land is less valuable than the private side. Pile the limbs on the owners land to our standard in the brochure and they can get a burn permit or we could assist in burning. Hope this helps. 
~ John Schmidt

Please direct follow up questions to: fire@cedarhighlandshoa.org

Good News for our Sub-division

I met with a representative from Beehive and was advised that they are planning to dig down the existing line 3 feet. While the trench is open, they will be installing two conduits at the same time for future plans to add fiber optics.  From what I was told, it will most likely be a 2-week process.  Beehive will be working on that road from High Aspen down to the radio shack.

I also spoke with Ray Bulloch.  Once Beehive has completed their work, Bullochs Dirt Works will grade that road and use the material owed to us from CICWCD for road damage caused due to the leaking water tank.

This is good news for our community as they have a large spool of orange and blue conduit which is about 2inches in diameter which will allow them to pull copper wire and fiber through them at a later date, which will be for data/high speed internet.

Please watch for equipment.

Thank you.
Mike Brask, HOA Presiden

Questions About the Road Conditions?

Winter season is up us! 
If you have any questions or concerns involving the roads, please direct to:

Wildfire Exercise Update

On April 30 and May 1, our first ever wildfire exercise was a great success. Our sincere appreciation to the federal, state and local agencies that participated in this comprehensive action plan to protect our community. IT IS IMPERATIVE FOR YOUR SAFETY TO GET THE EVERBRIDGE APP ON YOUR CELL PHONES. The situation may not always allow sheriff deputies to go door to door.
Please download it immediately.

On March 17th Governor Cox issued a Drought Executive Order.
* See the write up and the Executive order on the Fire Safety page.
* Download the Wildland Action Guide Here

Interested In Volunteering?

We ask for more community involvement in very important areas.  If you have experience you believe will contribute to any committee (ARC, Fire & Safety, or Roads), please contact the board at: board@cedarhighlandshoa.org

Thank You!!!

Wildlife Feeding Note
Here is a link from Utah Wildlife about feeding deer.
Click Here
(This likely applies for other animals as well.)

Important ARC Reminder to all HOA Members
If you are going to do anything to the exterior of your house, the CC&Rs (available here) under Article VI Architectural Control, Section 1, require that you submit an application to the HOA.  Along with that, any structural changes probably dictate that you get a Building Permit from the County.   To download a copy of the “Owner’s Construction Requirements”, Click Here

Website Updates
If you would like to be notified by e-mail, each time that this website has any meaningful changes, please send the webmaster.  Your email will not be shared with anyone else. The list that is created will only be used for these notifications.  To email the webmaster, Click Here