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Flood Warning
...the Flood Warning Continues For The Following Rivers In Utah... Sevier River Near Hatch Affecting Garfield, Kane, Sevier, Iron And Piute Counties. .warm Temperatures Will Continue To Melt Snowpack, Causing Elevated Flows. For The Sevier River...including Hatch...minor Flooding Will ...Read More.
Effective: May 28, 2023 at 11:16amExpires: May 29, 2023 at 12:15pmTarget Area: Garfield; Iron; Kane; Piute; Sevier


Upcoming HOA Board Meetings 

We are scheduled to hold our monthly meetings in the
East Room of the Cedar City Public Library from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
on the following dates: 

                  • Thursday, June 15th
                  • Thursday, July 13th

2023 HOA Dues Update

Hello homeowners:

During the December 8, 2022 HOA board meeting, the board voted to increase the 2023 dues to $747.50, (15%). The 2023 dues invoice will be sent out via email to all members the first week of January. Full payment is due within 30 days.

Due to the severity of this winter, we have already exceeded the funds budgeted for snow removal. Discussions are ensuing at the HOA meetings with regards to where the focus needs to be for the budgeted funds for road repair/maintenance, so your input is needed and welcomed.

We hope we have an increase in members attending and participating in our board meetings whether in person or virtually. The board needs to hear your concerns.

Please contact the board with any questions: board@cedarhighlandshoa.org

Thank you, Cedar Highlands HOA Board of Directors

Questions About the Road Conditions?

If you have any questions or concerns involving the roads, please direct to:


Winter is not going without a fight, so remember that road conditions can rapidly change this time of year. Keep your chains in your vehicle, use 4WD/AWD when on the road, and SLOW DOWN. The mountain is unforgiving when it comes to speed and not being prepared, so be ready for the conditions as much as you can be! If you see a hazardous condition (vehicles stuck, impediments to the roadway, etc.) please reach out to a board member to get communications out to the community and, if necessary, to contact the Iron County Sheriff for assistance!

HOA Project Information

We have several possible projects in our community that promote improving the infrastructure and the safety of our shared/community property. The projects will be in the upper meadow. With the scope of the projects involving “Common Area” as described in the HOA CC&R’s article 3. Section 1.(c), we need to review and vote on these projects. As per the CC&R’s, the board is required to get a 2/3rd vote before entering into an agreement that uses “Common Area” to provide this additional infrastructure to our community.

Both projects provide huge benefit in the event of an emergency. For example, there will be increased water storage for fire protection, a heated fire house with a fire engine that is filled with water, ready to go. Residents and the surrounding homes on the mountain would have access in a medical emergency or fire to life saving evacuation.

It has always been desired by the Cedar Highlands community to have services like these. We tried facilitating them as a town; in the end no one liked the increased taxes and expense, so the town was disbanded. It will never be cheaper for us than having these services provided by Iron County through our MSF tax assessment. That tax is spread over all the residents of Iron County, 50,822 residents, versus trying to cover these costs with 165 lot owners.

Project 1 – New Underground Water Storage Tank

The first project is the addition of a 500,000-gallon underground, cement water storage tank to increase the water reserves needed for Cedar Highlands, which also improves fire protection by adding several needed fire hydrants to our community. Our current upper meadow tank holds 165,000 gallons and that tank has reached 50% of it’s useability/lifetime, so it will require replacement soon! Click Here for additional details about this project.

Project 2 – New Fire House 

The second project is a Fire House  to further protect the residents and surrounding communities (that are proposed to be at the expense of Iron County, NOT the community).  Click Here for additional details about this project.

Fire and Safety Signs in and Around Our Subdivision
April 2022

We have been in frequent communication with Iron County since last
September to obtain additional signs for our area.  The following list
includes some of the more important signs related to fire & safety.

  • Additional Speed limit signs
  • NO CAMPFIRES – to be placed in pull-out areas where people camp below and above our subdivision
  • Warning  (arrows or similar) for dangerous curves
  • 4 WD vehicles ONLY
  • At the top of the 17% grade stating: STOP-WATCH Up hill vehicles have the right of way

Neighborhood Directory 

The Neighborhood Directory is available.  For anyone wanting to be included in the directory, please email: webmaster@cedarhighlandshoa.org

If you are already opted into the directory and  have questions, or would like to have your information updated or removed, please email: webmaster@cedarhighlandshoa.org

Interested In Volunteering?

We ask for more community involvement in very important areas.  If you have experience you believe will contribute to any committee (ARC, Fire & Safety, or Roads), please contact the board at: board@cedarhighlandshoa.org

Thank You!

Important ARC Reminder to all HOA Members

If you are going to do anything to the exterior of your house or make any additions, please refer to the CC&Rs (available here) for requirements and/or restrictions.  Under Article VI Architectural Control, Section 1, you are required to submit an application to the HOA before performing any work.  An addition or structural changes may require obtaining a building permit from the county.  HOA approval of your project is required PRIOR TO obtaining a building permit.  To download a copy of the “Owner’s Construction Requirements”, (click here). Also, more resources for ARC are available here.

Questions About the Website?

If you have questions about the HOA website, feel free to send an email to: webmaster@cedarhighlandshoa.org