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Upcoming HOA Board Meetings 

We are scheduled to hold our monthly meetings in the
East Room of the Cedar City Public Library from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
on the following dates: 

                  • Thursday, October 13th
                  • Thursday, November 10th
                  • Thursday, December 8th
                  • Thursday, January 12th

C – Trail Closure Update

Saturday – September 24th a volunteer force of trail bikers will be repairing and improving the C -Trail. To help these volunteers find their way to correct access and takeout locations signs stating:

 “No C – Trail Access or Takeout” will be placed at the intersections of:
High Juniper
High Cedar View
High Mountain View (at the 4 way)

The signs will not block the entrance to any of these roads.  The signs will
be in place early in the morning and removed by early evening.

Please contact Jeff Hartman at 972-978-3203 with any questions or concerns.

HOA Board Elections – Results

The 2022 Annual Picnic/Meeting was held on September 3.

     The HOA Board election results are:

     Mike Brask                  Re-elected
     Lori Silva                      Elected

Annual HOA Board Meeting – Important Info

Here is a list of links to documents that were discussed at the
Annual HOA Board Meeting on Saturday, September 3, 2022.

  • Click Here to view the DRAFT budget for the upcoming year
  • Click Here to view the Q & A related to the CICWD Water Tank Project
  • Click Here to view the Cedar Highlands CICWD Grant of Easement
  • Click Here to view the Cedar Highlands CICWD Easement Exhibits

Thank You to the Roads Committee and Volunteers! 

We live in a beautiful community with amazing people who step up and help out!  Below are the folks that always make it happen!!

Road Work:
Rick Silva – Contractor Coordinator, House to House Handouts/spoke with residents & Flagger
Lori Silva – Flagging Team Coordinator, Flagger
Clint – Flagger
Clint & Bri – House to House Handout/spoke with residents.
Randy Williams – Flagger
Lisa Hatch – Flagger
Sherry Cole – Flagger
Patty Palanza – House to House Handouts, spoke with residents and Nick helped with barricades. In addition,Patty and neighbors cheered on the contractor spraying the mag chloride.
Jeff Hartman – House to House Handouts/spoke with residents and Flagging.
Deb Hartman – Flagging

Private Road Sign Crew: Jeff, Clint, Nick, Rick and Steve Danto kicked in for the equipment rental.

Cleanup volunteers: Lori Silva organizing people at different times – Cassie Williams, Rick Silva, Ann Bersi, Bob Shelton, Paul and Paula, Bri and Reggie, Jeff and Deb.

Thank You Volunteers!!!

Upcoming HOA Project Information & Voting Opportunities

We wanted to make you aware of some exciting opportunities in front of us that require us as a community to review and vote on.

We have several projects in our community that promote improving the infrastructure and the safety of our property. The projects will be in the upper meadow. With the scope of the projects involving “Common Area” as described in the HOA CC&R’s article 3. Section 1.(c), we need to review and vote on these projects. As per the CC&R’s, the board is required to get a 2/3rd vote before entering into an agreement that uses “Common Area” to provide this additional infrastructure to our community.

We are notifying you as members of the Cedar Highlands HOA that we will have a vote on Project 2 at the Annual Meeting, Saturday, September 3rd, 2022. It’s important that you vote on these topics, either in person, by mail or by proxy. This vote will determine if the board proceeds with entering into these agreements on behalf of the HOA.

Both projects provide huge benefit in the event of an emergency. For example, there will be increased water storage for fire protection, a heated fire house with a fire engine that is filled with water, ready to go, a Helipad in the event of emergency evacuation. Residents and the surrounding homes on the mountain would have access in a medical emergency or fire to life saving evacuation.

It has always been desired by the Cedar Highlands community to have services like these. We tried facilitating them as a town; in the end no one liked the increased taxes and expense, so the town was disbanded. It will never be cheaper for us than having these services provided by Iron County through our MSF tax assessment. That tax is spread over all the residents of Iron County, 50,822 residents, versus trying to cover these costs with 165 lot owners.

Project 1 – New Underground Water Storage Tank

UPDATE: Details of this project are still being finalized, so voting will not take place at the annual meeting.  

The first project is the addition of a 500,000-gallon underground, cement water storage tank to increase the water reserves needed for Cedar Highlands, which also improves fire protection. Our current upper meadow tank holds 165,000 gallons.  Click Here for additional details about this project.

Project 2 – New Fire House and Helipad

The second project is a Fire House and Helipad to further protect the residents and surrounding communities.  Click Here for additional details about this project.

The HOA board will be discussing these issues during the next couple of meetings, beginning Thursday, July 14, 2022, at 6 pm. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to be part of the discussion, please attend in person or thru the web link. Feel free to email the board directly, as we are happy to address any concerns or questions.

Ballots for Project 2 will be sent by mail along with the ballots for HOA board director’s positions (2) that need to be filled; additional ballots will be available at the HOA meeting. There will be one vote per lot per proje

Alert: Theft in Subdivision
May 6, 2022

On E. High Mountain View Drive, a white Ford F150 pickup backed up into a neighbor’s yard and stole a garden trailer. If anyone sees a white Ford F150 pickup with a trailer in back, please take a picture or get the license plate number and notify the board immediately.

We live in a peaceful area and sometimes let our guard down. Let this be a warning to be vigilant for any strange vehicles and do not leave personal items exposed for view from the road. When possible, get pictures of the vehicle and plate. Even during daytime hours, keep your garage doors closed.

Please direct any questions or concerns to: board@cedarhighlandshoa.org

Mosquito Research
Spring 2022

Last year, numerous members complained of the  increased mosquito population, especially at the top of our subdivision.
SUU has advised the HOA that they are conducting research on Cedar Mountain about the mosquito population and how to deal with it.    They have  identified 5-7 sites around Greens Lake and up/ down the road where they plan to set traps weekly throughout the summer.   We were advised that no sites are on private lots. The traps will be set in the evening then retrieved the next morning. They’ll probably begin around May 1st, depending on the lake’s water temperature. 

There will be biologists coming and going during this period of time.   They will provide us with the results of their research sometime during the summer.   

Fire and Safety Signs in and Around Our Subdivision
April 2022

We have been in frequent communication with Iron County since last
September to obtain additional signs for our area.  The following list
includes some of the more important signs related to fire & safety.

  • Additional Speed limit signs
  • NO CAMPFIRES – to be placed in pull-out areas where people camp below and above our subdivision
  • Warning  (arrows or similar) for dangerous curves
  • 4 WD vehicles ONLY
  • At the top of the 17% grade stating: STOP-WATCH Up hill vehicles have the right of way

Neighborhood Directory Update
April 2022

The Neighborhood Directory is now available.  For anyone wanting to be included in the directory, please email: webmaster@cedarhighlandshoa.org

If you are already opted into the directory and  have questions, or would like to have your information updated or removed, please email: webmaster@cedarhighlandshoa.org

Iron County Community Water Meeting
December 2021

For those who were unable to attend the Iron County Community Water Meeting on December 7, here is a link to the recording of the event.

What Are Those Silver Trash Cans Along The Main Road For?
July 2021

Homeowners, you may have noticed silver trash cans in various places on the main road. These trash cans are labeled with CH and contain a sand/gravel mixture.  This can be used by residents to help prevent sliding or slipping.

Questions About the Road Conditions?

If you have any questions or concerns involving the roads, please direct to:

Interested In Volunteering?

We ask for more community involvement in very important areas.  If you have experience you believe will contribute to any committee (ARC, Fire & Safety, or Roads), please contact the board at: board@cedarhighlandshoa.org

Thank You!

Wildlife Feeding Note

Here is a link from Utah Wildlife about feeding deer (Click Here)
This likely applies for other animals as well.

Important ARC Reminder to all HOA Members

If you are going to do anything to the exterior of your house or make any additions, please refer to the CC&Rs (available here) for requirements and/or restrictions.  Under Article VI Architectural Control, Section 1, you are required to submit an application to the HOA before performing any work.  An addition or structural changes may require obtaining a building permit from the county.  HOA approval of your project is required PRIOR TO obtaining a building permit.  To download a copy of the “Owner’s Construction Requirements”, (click here)

Questions About the Website?

If you have questions about the HOA website, feel free to send an email to: webmaster@cedarhighlandshoa.org