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Cedar Highlands Homeowners Association

Policies and Procedures


Rescinded/Amended   Date

Policy 2021-1

CHHOA Policy on Policies and Procedures


Policy 2021-2

CHHOA Policy Governmental Agencies

11/19 2020

Policy 2021-3

CHHOA Policy on ARC

11/19 2020

Policy 2021-4

CHHOA Policy Sander Funding


Policy 2021-5

CHHOA Policy Delinquent Assessments


Policy 2021-6

CHHOA Policy on Snow Plowing & Sanding


The Board of Directors believes that there is a need for a formal approach to policies and procedures, including establishing a procedure for the creation and regular review of policies.

The aim of the creation of Policies and Procedures is to ensure the fair and equitable handling of all matters that may come before the Board from time to time.

The Board wishes to receive feedback on any Policy and Procedure, but especially on any marked DRAFT or Developing.

The below table contains the Policies and Procedures.

They are listed by Policy number and have the title shown under the number.

Unlike other pages, the numbering starts with the first Policy and continues down. This way there is no need for an index.