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Cedar Highlands Homeowners Association

Special Notice for all property owners within the boundaries of
Cedar Highlands HOA:

Any Special Notices will be here.




We have received numerous complaints during the past few weeks about dogs that are loose, defecating on people's deck, dog fights, excessive barking, etc.    We live in Cedar Highlands mostly because we love animals and wildlife.   But, it is also important to  respect our neighbors rights to enjoy our beautiful area in peace  and maintain control of our pets.    When possible, members should contact the dog owner to alert them of a problem.     

The CC&Rs, Article VIII, Section 10, state all dogs & cats must be "leashed at all times that they are outside dwelling units".   Members have the right  to make a complaint against the person(s) who violate this section of the governing documents and present it  to the HOA board  to review and  take appropriate action as addressed in  the Fine Schedule that has been implemented.

The other alternative is to contact Iron County Sheriff   at  (435) 586-9445 and a deputy will be dispatched.    We were advised  the sheriff maintains a shelter but does not have a dedicated animal control officer. All the patrol deputies are animal control officers. If the loose animal is caught they will try to locate the owner. Otherwise the animal will be transported to the shelter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any member of the HOA Board.


Thank you  very much.

Cedar Highlands HOA Board of Directors


Learn about a BackPack Emergency Go Kit for wildfires or any emergency.

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For all Town of Cedar Highlands residents:

The Town website is located at www.cedarhighlands.org
All town business is reflected there.