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Cedar Highlands Homeowners Association

​Think of this page as your ‘Letters to the Editor’

This area consists of information from HOA Members who would like to be heard.
It is expected that these letters will be respectful, courteous, and non-political. Nothing will be posted with out a full Name.
Letters and comments are posted at the discretion of the Webmaster and may be edited or redacted where necessary..

***Contact HOA Webmaster to post information here***

Posts will stay up for 3 months only, then removed.

For Sale Section is here

Community Feedback

Our own Bob Havens has produced a video on winterizing your mountain property for those of us who are not going to stay in the house over the winter.

You can view it at: https://youtu.be/Iu9_2WziN-k

Thanx Bob

For Sale Items: