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Cedar Highlands Homeowners Association


Bad news

Over the weekend the sander truck was vandalized. If you have any information, or saw anyone or anything suspicious, please contact a member of the board.

A police report is going to be filed.

Winter Roads

We put a pile of gravel for the icy roads in front of Larry Miracle’s house.

It is about 60 five bucket gallons big, and we will try to add to it periodically.
Rob and I will try and add some sand to the roads in that area as needed, but any homeowner can use it on the roads as they see fit.

This is obviously not meant to take the place of the sanding truck, but can be used on small areas, for emergencies, or when the sanding truck is broken or otherwise unavailable.

As a reminder, the sanding truck cost $65 an hour two years ago, $95 an hour last year, and now it’s $130 an hour.

If we can “self sand” some smaller areas as needed, it can save the HOA  some of your hard earned dollars.  

Contact Jim Byler or Rob Shelton if we can be of help.