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Cedar Highlands Homeowners Association

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Jim Hilton has taken a very circuitous route to get to Cedar Highlands.

Born in Redwood City on the San Francisco peninsula, I grew up in a jewelry family. My grandfather had a Jewelry Store (Hilton Jewelers) where my father worked as a watchmaker and jeweler. I started working on clocks at about age 8.

I was fortunate enough to be hired onto the Redwood City Fire Dept. at age 21. I excelled, because I loved it, and made Captain at age 27. I worked with the SF Fire Dept. and was the critiquing officer for the first 3 disaster drills at SF International Airport.

I was injured and retired from the Fire Dept. in 1983. The City had to retrain me, and I trained in Microwave technology (not the ovens LOL). I taught Math at the Microwave school and worked for TRW Military Electronics. I worked with aircraft large and small putting radio direction finding equipment on them. I worked with Unmanned Aircraft long before anybody knew what they were.

While doing that we bought an 80 acre ranch in Southern Oregon and raised Quarter Horses. After I left TRW I came back to the ranch and got my real estate licence and my general contractor licence. I also was working on computers as a hobby, programming.

So I’m busy doing all that and one day my daughter calls up and says “Dad, If I can find you a job out here” (North Carolina), “will you come?” I said sure, but I want to work with computers, figuring fat chance someone would hire me with no real experience. So a week later she calls and tells me she has me an interview scheduled. Son of a gun if they didn’t hire me. So we moved to NC.

So I wrote programs for the Textile industry for about 18 years. We started looking for a retirement place to live, and checked out Oregon along the coast. On a trip back, going down I-15, I checked an app and saw that there was a house for sale “up on the hill”, so we drove up and fell in love with the view. We purchased in January of 2015.

It was never my intention to get involved with politics or serve on any boards, but circumstances got me involved and now I can give back to my community.

Peg and myself have 5 kids between us, 17 Grandchildren (I think) and 2 Great Grands and another one on the way in February 2020.

We are blessed.

Mail: jimh@cedarhighlandshoa.org?subject=From HOA Website

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